Dreaming Big with Jesus

Aligning your Dreams with God’s Will

Aligning yours dreams with God’s will.

How do we dream big with Jesus? How do we leave the fleshly desires behind and run towards a dream that is aligned with our Creator?

Let’s look back to the beginning.

In Genesis 3 we see the temptation and the inevitable fall and separation from God.

You will not certainly die,” the serpent said to the woman.  For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil. When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it. She also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it.”

Genesis 3:4-6

This was the beginning of mankind’s struggle with dreaming. We were created to walk with God, to have dominion over all living things, to be an equal to our husbands. “Your desire will be for your husband yet he will dominate over you.”

The garden of Eden was a dream but one small bite of an apple changed it all. Our eyes are now open to see the world for what it is,full of good and evil. 

We now struggle with seeds of doubt, pain, cursed lands, and a separation from God that can only be filled with His word and the Holy Spirit.

Sin entered and our dreams are now tainted by fame, money, popularity, and power. We live in a time of “me”.  We have forgotten or maybe we have never known a good God. Our fleshly ambitions will only bring striving and emptiness.

So how do we align our dreams and ambitions with God’s will? Let’s start with 5 practical questions.

 5 practical questions to aligning your dreams with God’s will: 

1.       Will the world see our dreams as a “me first” ambition or will they feel the love and humble reflection of Jesus?

1 Peter 3:15 “But in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect.

2.       What is driving your dream? Dig down deep and really consider your reasons.

Matthew 6:33 “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be provided for you.”

3.       Will God be glorified through your dreams?

1 Corinthians 10:31-33 “Therefore, whatever you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do everything for God’s glory. Do not cause anyone to stumble, whether Jews, Greeks or the Church of God – even as I try to please everyone in every way. For I am not seeking my own good but the good of many, so that they may be saved.”

4.       Will you be serving others?

1 Peter 4:10 “Every believer has received grace gifts, so use them to serve one another as faithful stewards of the many-colored tapestry of God’s grace.”

5.       Do you need God to achieve it? Is it possible on your own?

Matthew 19:26 “But Jesus looked at them and said to them, With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Aligning your dreams with God’s will means SEEKING HIM FIRST AND TAKING THE NEXT RIGHT STEP.

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